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Plant Cookies – Tutorial + Cutter!

Plant Cookie Template + Tutorial

Here’s the thing guys, I’m just a little bit excited about today’s post. Despite the fact that I have zero green thumbs (outside of food coloring induced) I love plants and I really love plant cookies. Today I’m going to share with you guys a tutorial on how I made these potted plant cookies AND […]

Sprinkle Hair Girl Cookies

Sprinkle Hair Girls Cookie Tutorials

Have you ever thought man, I could really use some sprinkle hair? No? Just me? Well don’t worry because we are gonna change that today. Because these adorable sprinkle hair girl cookies with their little heart sunnies are irresistible. You’re gonna want some sprinkle hair too, and before you know it, all the cool kids […]

Sloth Cookies – Love You Slow Much!

Sloth Cookie Tutorial

Every year it seems like a new trendy animal/icon pops up across the internet. First it was mermaids and unicorns, then llamas, and now sloths. Yep, sloths. I have to admit I was a little confused about this new trending animal…I mean sloths? But then I googled one. Oh. My. Gosh. They really are just […]

Gymnastics Cookies -So Flippin’ Easy!

Gymnastics Cookies

Seriously. These gymnastics cookies really are easy, so flipping easy their proof cookies don’t have to be super complex to be a perfect 10! Ah…I love a good cookie pun or two in the morning. But you probably already knew that… Something you may or may not know is I have 4, yes 4 little […]

Easy Feather Cookies

Easy Feather Cookies

Well hey, there sweet friends! I’m stoked to be taking a break from my current turkey cookie obsession/streak to share some easy feather cookies! Not turkey cookies, just parts of the turkeys. Ha! Even though I’m sharing these for Thanksgiving, there are many different occasions feather cookies come in handy as backup cookies, like the […]

Churro Cookies For Cinco De Mayo!

Churro cookies in a basket for Cinco De Mayo.

It’s just a couple weeks away from Cinco De Mayo, are you ready?. Even though we’ve been told over and over that Cinco De Mayo isn’t really a “thing” in Mexico I still say it’s a THING. A big thing. Because hello, it’s basically America’s way of celebrating the most epic foods the Mexican culture has […]

Swirly Rainbow Cake Tutorial

Rainbow swirl cake on purple cake stand.

Hey there sweet friends, boy do I have a fun new cake for you today. This week I attempted an idea that’s been SWIRLIN’ around in my sprinkle filled brain for some time now. I have a long lasting love for all things swirly on my desserts. I’ve made so many swirled treats I think […]

How To Make Like Bubble Cookies

like bubble cookies on platter

Gosh guys. Somehow I let an entire month pass by without a single blog post! It’s not that I haven’t been baking – I’ve been doing tons of that. I just haven’t had the time to sit down and actually write out a blog post. Not only did all things back to school mix things […]

Giant Circus Animal Cookies

giant circus animal cookies and hands holding one

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No its Giant Circus Animal Cookies! Wearing party hats?! As a matter of fact it’s a whole Animal Circus Cookie parade! You guys. YOU GUYS! Are these not the cutest not so little hat wearing sprinkle covered cookies ever? I almost feel guilty about wanting to bite those little […]

Double Scoop Ice Cream Cone Cookies

Double Scoop Ice Cream Cone Cookies on a platter

I have some great news guys. I’ve finally got into an exercise routine that I really love. I mean seriously. One that I’m always excited about and I have no trouble sticking too. Would you guys like more info? You know I would love to share. It’s called “the ice cream walk”. First I load […]

How To Make A Letter Board Cake

letter board cake with slice cute

You guys, I’ve finally solved my issue of my lack of ability to write in frosting. Heck my handwriting with a pencil is just plain terrible. From now on to heck with icing, I’ll just stay it with a letter board. To be more specific a Letter Board Cake! If your anywhere near the wonderful […]