Gymnastics Cookies -So Flippin’ Easy!

Seriously. These gymnastics cookies really are easy, so flipping easy their proof cookies don’t have to be super complex to be a perfect 10! Ah…I love a good cookie pun or two in the morning. But you probably already knew that…

Gymnastics Cookies

Something you may or may not know is I have 4, yes 4 little girls. 3 of which take part in gymnastics. I may complain about the practices and the driving but in reality, I can hardly wait to see our tiny tot wiggling around in a leotard. Cuteness over load. Last year when asked to make gymnastics cookies for the home comp I was a little stumped. Frosting little tiny gymnasts are no easy task so I took the “easy” route. The easy route for a cookie that is. The real easy route would have been a drop cookie! Blasted creativity. Gets me everytime.

After making a few quick stencils with my Silhouette I airbrushed gymnasts silhouettes on a plain royal iced square and added sprinkle boarders. I didn’t even post them here because they just weren’t a person win for me. But since they sold out in less then 15 minutes I’d say they were a win for the gym. Fast forward to this year and my oldest daughter was invited to her first team Christmas party. Time to redeem myself! How could I simplify gymnasts and keep them to my own style? Then it occurred to me my recent Mrs. Claus cookies could totally be gymnasts! But just as I was reaching for my candy corn cutter I came across this eyeball/snow man cutter. Oh, yea! I knew it would make the sweetest little gymnasts with over the top buns. All they needed was a few swimsuits converted to Leo’s, circle medals, and stars for the finishing touch.

Gymnastics Cookies

Can we talk about those leotard cookies for a sec? They may seem so simple but they were truly one of my favorite cookies this year (and I can’t stand red!) I used silver sprinkles for the “gemstones” on wet icing and a PME #1.5 tip for the black details. They were finished off with edible glitter! In person they sparkled and shined like a real leo, the girls loved it.

These gymnastics cookies were on such a tight timeline I didn’t get to shoot any process pictures. But I still wanted to share as a source of inspiration for those of you hoping to escaped complex gymnastics cookies + I have a template to make it even more easy for you! Don’t worry if you don’t have the exact cutter. Grab any pudgy snowman cutter or similar and you can still use the templates with a little moving around. As a matter of fact in a pinch you could recreate these gymnasts cookies with two circle cutters. After the dough is rolled out cut out your larger circle then cut the smaller one over lapping. Remove the excess dough around the two circles and bake!

Have a cookie decorating projector? Great news! Here’s a projector template to make these cookies a breeze. Just click, save, project!

Gymnast Cookie Template






  • skin tone outline icing + skin tone flood icing
  • hair outline icing + hair flood icing
  • red outline icing + red flood icing (a little on the thick side)
  • pink flood icing for cheeks
  • black sugar pearls
  • silver/gold earring sprinkles
  • silver/gold star sprinkles

Step 1: Use printable template/projector image to trace hairline onto the gymnast cookies using an edible marker. Outline and flood the face using skin tone outline + flood icing. Immediately place two small dots of pink flood icing for cheeks. (I love to use my projector to project the template image right onto the icing, this keeps everything consistent) Use the tweezers to place a black sugar pearl for the eyes. To prevent bleeding, place cookies in front of a fan to dry immediately until the icing has crusted over. Without this step, you may risk the black pearl bleeding.

Step 2: Once the face has crusted over it’s safe to move on. Outline and flood the hair using hair colored outline + flood icing. Let crust over once move before moving on.

Step 3: Time to put the details on these gymnastics cookies already! I like to start with the hair + eyebrow details using hair color outline icing + tip #1. Second is the ears and nose, don’t forget the earrings! Last pipe on a cute little mouth and the scrunchy. Fill in the scrunch with thick red flood icing being careful not to overfill. After placing a little sprinkle star embellishment move these directly under a fan to prevent and caving on the scrunchy.

Although I made these snowman into little gymnastics cookies, I think they could be used for so much more! Ballerinas? Brides? Grandmas? So many options!


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