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Say goodbye to inconsistent alignment and hello to alignment made easy with our new magnetic docking system (patent pending) for Eddie™!


It’s simple, our manual feed tray pairs with our magnetic tongue cover creating a magnetic connection with your Eddie™ printer. Our 6 point magnetic system ensures your tray is docked in the same location every time its placed on the tongue cover while eliminating any tray shifting while you print!


It’s not just all magnets and pretty alignment around here. 

The Sprinkle Tray is a complete 3-in-1 printing system that changes with your needs.


Each starter kit includes everything you need to get started printing right away. Click an item below to read more about it.

Our 6 point magnetic Sprinkle Tray measures 4.5″ by 4.5″ with a slim profile of only 3mm high, so you can take full advantage of Eddie’s ™ print space. The smooth white top  and consistent magnetic docking system (patent pending) allows you to print directly on the surface of the tray. After printing simply rise off and repeat!

Our food-safe silicone mat is used to layer on top of initial printed on tray/grid alignment prints. This not only ensures your print surface is completely food safe but also keeps your cookie from wiggling around. 

Take advantage of your spot on printing alignment with our cling grid! The grid is both removable and washable giving you the flexibility to print with a grid + digital grid template when you want and set it aside when you don’t! 

Our food-safe icing transfer sheets make printing on your own icing transfers simple! The icing transfer sheet clings to the silicone mat like they were made for each other. Add them to your Sprinkle Tray and you’ve got a simple icing transfer printing combo, no extra items. 

Our 3D Printed Magnetic Tongue Cover hugs your Eddie’s plastic tongue like a glove creating the perfect 6 point magnetic connection to you Eddie !

Hey we get it. You’re going to want to try out your new Sprinkle Tray right away. Which is why we’re including a BONUS faker baker 3D printed cookie so you can fake it, till you bake it!



While the Eddie (TM) manual does technically state that you need to remove anything from the tongue for the calibration process, we have found that Eddie has no problem calibrating with the tongue on. You can even leave the tongue on for printing with other accessories! 

Rinsing off ink in between prints is easy! Just place your tray under running water and pat dry for another print. Not too hot though! The Sprinkle Tray is 3D printed using a beautiful speckled PLA. PLA is sensitive to warmer temperatures/

In need of a bath? When it’s time to give you tray a good clean simply wash your tray in warm water with a little bit of dish-soap as you would a 3D printed cookie cutter. Do not place tray in the dishwasher. The food-safe silicone mat, food safe-icing transfer sheets, and grid cling can be washed off in the very same way. 

We recommend you rinse off your tray + extra elements as soon as you are done using them to prevent any possible staining. But hey, life happens. We have found that most prints will still easily wash off the tray days after printing with the help of a little soap and warm water. If you have found that any ink remains on your tray or extra elements (most likely with pink/black/purple) simply apply a thin layer of rubbing alcohol on the the ink and let it sit for an hour and then wipe clean. If ink doesn’t lift repeat process. 

Unfortunately plastic has the ability to swell and shrink as temperatures change. If for any reason your tongue begins to feel a bit loose use the included tongue spacer in the package to create a tighter fit between the tongue and cover. 

The Sprinkle Tray printing surface is 4.5″ X 4.5″, maximizing your printing space!