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Froot Loop Sugar Cookie Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to make cookies that look like one of your favorites cereals, but giant? Then serve them up on a giant silver spoon. No? You haven’t? You mean this is just me? Yikes, well this may be a little bit awkward. The thing is I have a serious fascination with making foods in disguise, so Froot Loop Sugar Cookies only seemed natural. I can’t explain it, something about these cookies just makes me so darn happy!

froot loop sugar cookies on giant spoon

Aren’t they just so fun to look at? Better yet, how about to eat?! Speaking of these guys are flavored to taste like real Fruit Loop cereal which, spoiler alert all tastes the same. A few years ago when I made some Froot Loop cupcakes for my book, Cupcakery, and I came across that little fact while doing research. Talking about the biggest scam ever…you’re telling me those little yellow rings aren’t yellow and the orange ones aren’t orange. I can’t even with that info. It’s like saying Justin Timberlake’s 90’s hair wasn’t inspired by Ramen noodles..

fruit loop sugar cookies in large bowl with red spoon

Back to the Froot Loop Sugar Cookie Cereal though. These guys are so easy to make, a little sugar cookie dough, a little coloring, and a little icing and your good to go!

a step by step image of how to make from loop sugar cookies




  • medium and small circle cutters ( I used a large frosting tip for the center)
  • rolling pin
  • parchment paper
  • food safe paint brush


Step 1: Make a batch of your favorite sugar cookie dough. This is my favorite recipe and  it colors so well allI did was add about 1 1/2 drams of tutti frutti flavoring. I know not everybody will have this on hand or have the time to order. You could easily create a tutti frutti flavor by mixing a little lemon and lime extracts from the grocery store. Divide the dough into six and color each one. Then roll out each color dough onto a sheet of parchment paper and cut the cookie rings. To keep the cookies shape cut them right where you want them to bake, only remove the excess dough and the centers.

Step 2: Make royal icing, you will want it to be a very thin consistency almost a glaze.


Step 3: After all of your color fun ring cookies are completely cool take a food safe pain brush and apply the thinned royal icing like a glaze. After the first dried a bit you might need to add a second layer. Don’t forget to cover your royal icing with plastic while you are not working with it, it will begin to crust.

from loop sugar cookies on pink backdrop

And that’s it! Seriously how easy are these? Seriously so much fun. And now I’m dreaming up more cereal cookies…what’s your favorite kind of cereal?

froot loop sugar cookies on giant spoon

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 I’m Toni, the baker, the blogger,  and cookie cutter maker  behind The Sprinkle Factory and I hope you find a sprinkle of inspiration here at The Factory.

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