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Conversation Heart Cookie Box

Conversation Heart Cookie Box

Hey there super sweet friends! And hello February, is everybody as excited about all the Valentine treats out in internetladia right now? So much cuteness! I’m pretty sure I say this every year but…why can’t all holidays be pink? I know I know, they can’t. So let’s celebrate all the lovely pink cuteness while we […]

Conversation Heart Cookies

Conversation Heart Cookie Box

A few days ago the devastating news broke that conversation heart candies will no longer be sold in stores. Hold on one sweet minute America! You can’t just rip a holiday classic right out of the world. Are we going to take away candy canes at Christmas too? Candy corns at Halloween? You better not […]

Turkey Leg Cookies

Turkey Leg Cookies

Guys, the countdown is on, we are just days away from the yearly turkey feast known as Thanksgiving. AKA Turkey Day, AKA Sweatpants Day, AKA Pumpkin All The Things Day, but mostly AKA Who Made This And Is It Safe To Eat Day. (Ok, that last one may be just me, and my potluck anxieties. […]

Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

A few posts ago I shared that I was on a #teamturkey kick this year. As a recap, I made a promise to myself to spend a little more time focusing on Thanksgiving and not get distracted by the sparkling lights and glitter of Christmas just yet. Although I can’t promise I haven’t been rocking […]

Halloween Candy Sugar Cookies

Halloween Candy Cookies

Is it weird to say I don’t like candy? Because I totally don’t. Unless we’re talking about chocolate bars which I consider in a whole league of its own. Gummy bears, lollipops, chewy, fruity, hard, soft it doesn’t matter it’s not my thing. Even when I was a child the thought of sugary candy just […]

Nacho Cookies – With FREE Printables!

Nacho Cookies + Nacho Printable

For the record, and incase you didn’t know, nacho cookies are so freaking popular. Like really popular. With all the possible pun material available it’s not hard to see why nacho cookies have made their way to internet popularity. I mean everybody loves nachos, everybody loves cookies, and everybody loves a good cheesy pun.¬†(Totally intended.) […]

Churro Cookies For Cinco De Mayo!

Churro cookies in a basket for Cinco De Mayo.

It’s just a couple weeks away from Cinco De Mayo, are you ready?. Even though we’ve been told over and over that Cinco De Mayo isn’t really a “thing” in Mexico I still say it’s a THING. A big thing.¬†Because hello, it’s basically America’s way of celebrating the most epic foods the Mexican culture has […]

How To Make Pizza Cookies + Fondant Toppings

pizza cookies on purple plate

Do you guys ever think of the cutest idea ever, and you just can’t wait to make it happen? Then, just as you are about to make your epicness come to life, you realize somebody else already did it. Or even worse 100 somebodies already did it. Whomp whomp whomp. All the sudden all your […]

Making A-Peel-able Banana Sugar Cookies (With Puns!)

five banana cookies with yellow banana candies on pink backdrop

I am super crazy pumped…no I’m BANANAS about bringing you guys this fresh (and hopefully ripe) content today! Of course, I’m talking about these totally a-peel-ing Banana Sugar Cookies. And guess what, they are hand cut! Why am I so pumped? Well, lets start with the obvious…with this combo of royal icing + fondant + […]

How To Make A Salad Sugar Cookie Platter

salad sugar cookies laying on a white plate with yellow fork

Last week I shared these Salad Sugar Cookies  on my Instagram feed, with a punny explanation that I had a resolution of eating more greens this year. I mean look at all those shades of green? That’s some solid pun content right there guys. Forget the Vitamin A, B, or C – that’s a downright dose […]

How To Make Popcorn Sugar Cookies

sugar cookies decorated like pieces of popcorn with a popcorn box

Sometimes I have a brilliant reason to create something sweet. Other times I’m just rolling with whatever random things that POP in my head. These popcorn sugar cookies for instance. I could have made these for an awesome carnival party, movie night, game day bash, sleep over…or literally an endless amount of events at which […]

Froot Loop Sugar Cookie Tutorial

froot loop sugar cookies on giant spoon

Have you ever wanted to make cookies that look like one of your favorites cereals, but giant? Then serve them up on a giant silver spoon. No? You haven’t? You mean this is just me? Yikes, well this may be a little bit awkward. The thing is I have a serious fascination with making foods […]