Giant Circus Animal Cookies

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No its Giant Circus Animal Cookies! Wearing party hats?!

As a matter of fact it’s a whole Animal Circus Cookie parade!

You guys. YOU GUYS! Are these not the cutest not so little hat wearing sprinkle covered cookies ever? I almost feel guilty about wanting to bite those little hats right off. Almost. Oh and did I mention they are giant…yea that’s my almost ten year olds hands, and they fill them right up!

giant circus animal cookies and hands holding one

Now why did I make giant Circus Animal Cookies you ask? Well first, why would I NOT make giant Circus Animal Cookies. I mean you guys! Circus Cookies are these best. You wouldn’t believe how many bags of cookies we went through during this project. I needed some for ya know, research, and next thing I know it was an empty bag. Crazy thing that happened like three times. Those kids I tell ya. *wink wink*

Anyway back on topic here. Recently I have become part of the team at Sweets & Treats. YAY! As part of that dream gig I get to help set up and style parties with their amaze products. This particular party was all about Circus Cookies, and I just knew it needed some GIANT cookies to kick things off. (PST! Don’t forget to visit the party!) How did I know? Uhhh giant cookies guys. Everybody needs a giant cookie everyday once in a while.

To make these cookies I busted out some fun cutters I’ve been hanging onto for awhile now, these large animal cutters by Sweet Elite. They come in this adorable set with bodies and heads separate so you can mix, match, and layer them. However this particular time I wanted one flat cookie. The little hat actually came from the same designer in a set here.

giant circus animal cookies on pink backdrop



  • white outline + flood royal icing
  • pink outline + flood royal icing
  • 20 second icing in whatever giant “sprinkle” colors you would like
  • Circus Cookie Sprinkle Mix

DECORATOR’S NOTE: To save a lot of time you could use rainbow Sixlets to make the giant sprinkles.


  • giant animal cutters
  • small triangle or hat cutter
  • piping bags
  • small round piping tips


Step 1: It’s actually pretty easy to piece these guys together! The trick is to first cut parchment paper the size of your baking sheet. Roll the dough out on the parchment paper covering as much as you can. I was able to cut two animals on each cookie sheet. Start at one end and cut the body, then head, then hat if you would like. Do the same for the second animal and THEN remove the dough around the pieces you want to stay together. This way you don’t have to move your cut cookies at all and the pieces can stay together right where you rolled them. I baked two at a time for about 12 minutes using my recipe here. As these guys are so big you’ll want to bake them a little extra them normal. to be honest mine probably could have used another minute or two. When you pull them out of the oven let them cool completely right on the pan so you won’t risk breaking. Let them cool as long as possible on the same pan before sliding off the parchment paper, the cooler the are the less chance of them breaking.

Step 2: Make royal icing. Color and place into bags. You can find more about how I make royal icing here and cookie decorating info here.

an undecorated giant circus animal cookie


Step 3: Outline and fill each giant animal circus cookie with either pink or white stopping at the natural line for the hat. You will want to work quickly when frosting these guys, the icing may start to dry as you work making it impossible to smooth.

Step 4: Outline and flood the hats in the opposite color.

Step 5: Once the first two parts have crusted over a bit you can add all the details. The giant sprinkles, hat topper sprinkle, and a line of  Sweets & Treats Circus Cookie Sprinkle Mix to trim the hats. If your looking for a great way to save time grab some rainbow Sixlets and just drop them on while the icing is still wet.

Now that you know how to make the cookies, you guys have to go check out the full party! head on over to the Sweets & Treats blog and check it out here.

giant circus animal cookie with sprinkles

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Image of Toni Miller in front of a sprinkle shelf.


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