Easy Feather Cookies

Well hey, there sweet friends! I’m stoked to be taking a break from my current turkey cookie obsession/streak to share some easy feather cookies! Not turkey cookies, just parts of the turkeys. Ha! Even though I’m sharing these for Thanksgiving, there are many different occasions feather cookies come in handy as backup cookies, like the adorable oh so trendy boho baby showers. So I thought it would be fun to pop in and show you my favorite way to make easy feather cookies. Let’s pause there. Are you wondering what backup cookies are? Don’t worry I made it up. I call additional cookies that complete a set and generally complement the main cookie star, backup cookies. Oh, you mean like the backup dancers at a tweenage pop concert? Exactly.

The show will go on without. You probably won’t even know their names. But man…all together they make a pretty epic performance. Kinda like the palm leaves with these toucan cookies, or these flamingo cookies. You get the point. In this case, however, these gold speckled feather cookies could totally star on their own. Or at least nail an opening act.

Easy Feather Cookies

Speaking of gold speckled cookies. Can I make a little confession? In addition to the fact I already revealed I know way too much about pop concerts of course. I’m kind of obsessed with gold speckling cookies. Every time I speckle cookies I can not stop. I swear when I’m done I’m looking around for more cookies to speckle, like a crazy person. Then every set for weeks I’m thinking…could these be speckled? I don’t know what it is but it’s so much fun. Although it does tend to create a mess. But doesn’t the entire cookie process really? So worth it.

Easy Feather Cookies

For these easy feather cookies, I used cutters form Periwinkles and leftover icing from the other back up feathers I made in this turkey cookie set. Then I got to speckling. And I speckled, and speckled, and speckled some more. Here’s just how easy it is!




  • food safe paint brush
  • small box turned on the side
  • parchment paper
Easy Feather Cookies

Step 1: Mix a small amount of gold dust and vodka or extract together. The alcohol evaporates so no worries, it is safe for everybody. Vodka will not leave a taste, where extract will depending on the flavor you choose. There isn’t an exact science to how much you need, but a little at a time will do. I speckled the entire set of cookies with about a 1/2 teaspoon of gold mixture.

Step 2: Place the parchment paper inside of the box, then place your cookie on the parchment paper. The box is to save you from a huge gold speckled mess, trust me on this one. Dip the paintbrush into the gold mixture. Holding the paintbrush just a couple of inches away pull the brush back with a clean finger and let go flinging the paint forward. The more paint you have on your brush and the closer you are to your cookie the bigger the gold speckles.

It’s those easy guys! I hope you enjoy speckling cookies as much as I do.


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