Sloth Cookies – Love You Slow Much!

Every year it seems like a new trendy animal/icon pops up across the internet. First it was mermaids and unicorns, then llamas, and now sloths. Yep, sloths. I have to admit I was a little confused about this new trending animal…I mean sloths? But then I googled one. Oh. My. Gosh. They really are just about the most adorable animal ever. I mean they smile, like legit smile. These guys pose for a picture better than my three-year-old. Don’t believe, go ahead and google “sloths” then click pictures…I’ll wait. Are you back? Are you basically dead from cuteness? Yea. I thought so. Call me over confident but I’m pretty sure these sloth cookies don’t even need an introduction now. Because let’s face it, you;re in love with sloths now.

Sloth Cookie Tutorial

I mean come on guys. I could barely get their cute smiling faces out of my head, putting them on a cookie only seemed right. I fully planned on making some traditional sloth face cookies so I could share the templates here with you all and I did, butttttt somehow my hand reached for my go-to candy corn cutter. And these guys happen. Not made about that one bit! These sloth cookies come together so easily without too much fuss. I love a great design that consumes the whole cookie, I believe that’s one of the keys to an awesome cookie. My fav part? Those little claws piped on with my very favorite tip, PME 1.  And since it was the week before Valentine’s Day, I even added a few punny cookies with a silkscreen stencil, LOVE YOU SLOW MUCH and one of the sprinklettes is using them for class treats for Valentine’s Day. You know I can’t resist a cookie pun!

Sloth Cookie Tutorial

OK I admit, I got a little carried away with these sloths. I couldn’t help myself. But check out this second candy corn cutter sloth design. He wasn’t my favorite from the start so I only made one of him. But there he sat on the cookie tray and slowly grew on me. What do you think about this second option? Ok I’ve gotten a little carried away with these cute sloths, let’s get back to business. How to make these sloth cookies!

Sloth Cookie Tutorial

Have a cookie decorating projector? Great news! Here’s a projector template to make these cookies a breeze. Just click, save, project!

Sloth Cookie Template
Sloth Cookie Template



  • candy corn cutter
  • icing bottles/piping bags
  • #2 tips
  • #1 tip
  • small leaf tip
  • icing scribe
  • fan
  • edible marker


  • light “tan” outline + flood icing
  • brown outline + flood icing
  • dark brown 20-second icing
  • pink 20-second icing
  • green outline icing + flood icing
  • black sugar pearls
  • flower decorations
Sloth Cookie Tutorial

Step 1: First, use the projector template (or print and cut) to trace out the main parts of the sloth on the cookie with and edible marker.

Step 2: Using the tan outline icing, outline the entire face of the sloth. Don’t fill it just yet. Outline the brown spots on the sloths face and them in with brown flood icing then fill the rest of the face in with tan flood icing. The outlines keep the shape of the icing but icing them one right after another allows them to flow together smoothly. *ALMOST* wet on wet icing, just with a little control. Drop two dots of pink for the cheeks and then drop the sugar pearls in for the eyes. I like to use tweezers to place them quickly. Place the cookies under a fan to crust over and prevent bleeding.

Step 3: Next outline and flood the outer part of the sloth cookie face with the brown icing. You can add the flower while the face is wet or “glue” it on with icing after.

Step 4: Once the the face has crusted over a bit you can move on to outlining and flooding the body.

Step 5: Next us, outline and fill in that little green “tree” part. We’re almost there!

Step 6: Finish up the sloth body with a simple oval shape for the arm, outline and flood with the same brown you used for the body. Time for the details. Use a tip #1 and brown 20-second icing to pipe on the hair, eyebrows, nose, mouth, claws. Finish with a few leaves on the tree and beside the flower with green outline icing + a small leaf tip.

DECORATOR’S TIP: You can use the projector template + projector to add the details on with ease! This keeps things nice and consistent for me.

And there you have it, your very own, sloth cookies! I really hope you guys loved these as much as I did, slow much, to be exact. Don’t forget to tag me in your treats!


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