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Dry Ingredient Canister Labels FREE Cut File!

Dry Ingredient Canister Labels FREE Cut File!

In case you’re new here or need a little memory jog, let’s get you up to speed! (But first hello, welcome, and big hugs!)  Recently I shared the first in my colorful baking studio reveal series, we started with the kitchen of course! You guys basically went nuts over two particular DIY things in the […]

DIY Sprinkle Floor Mat + FREE Silhouette Cut Files

Sprinkle floor mat.

Hey, hey, hey sweet friends! Are you guys ready to change things up just a bit? How about a little crafting, ahem, sprinkle crafting? Yep, today we’re changing gears and stepping out of the kitchen from the normal sweet posts to a really quick, super simple, craft post. But because I would never stray too […]

My Colorful Baking Kitchen Reveal

Colorful baking kitchen + baking supply organizing ideas.

Sweet friends the day is finally here! It’s my colorful baking studio kitchen reveal day! If you’re new to The Sprinkle Factory (HELLO!) or maybe just haven’t heard I’ve been working the past 6 months to setup a new baking studio for The Sprinkle Factory. Over the next few months I’ll be sharing each area […]

Launch Party Giveaway Day 4 [Rice DK]

TSF Launch Party Giveaway

How is it possible that we are already on Day 4 of the official Sprinkle Factory launch party? This week has gone fast, it’s true what the say, time flies when you are having fun. And giving away so many sweet things + celebrating with you guys is certainly fun! Before we check out today’s […]

Launch Party Giveaway Day 3 [Heaven’s Sweetness]

TSF Launch Party Giveaway

Hey hey hey! Hello and welcome to Day 3 of the official Launch Party for this brand new website + rebrand. If you’re a new sweet friend (big hugs!) let’s get you up to speed quickly. I’m Toni (HI!) I’ve been blogging sweet creations for years over at Make Bake Celebrate, and I’ve launched a whole […]

Launch Party Giveaway Day 2 [Sweets & Treats]

TSF Launch Party Giveaway

Hey there sweet friends! Before we dive into Day 2 of our week long Launch Party packed with giveaways, I wanted to take a quick moment to say THANK YOU. Moving over from after years of calling that my little corner of the internet was a huge move, one that I was pretty nervous […]

Holly Berry Christmas Cupcakes Tutorial

red holly berry Christmas cupcakes with green holly leaves

Is anybody else secretly counting the days to Thanksgiving? Not because of the Turkey and all the amazing food of course, because of what comes afterThanksgiving. No, not the crazy American tradition of wandering around as food stuffed zombies at all hours of the night to buy things things at crazy low prices either. We’re […]

Spooky Cookie Flower Bouquet Tutorial

Spooky Cookie Bouquet Tutorial

Do you guys remember the cookie bouquets I created in the past? This Daisy Cookie Bouquet is still one of my favorite sweet creations ever. I wanted to create a cookie flower bouquet that could stand like real flowers. To be honest I have no idea why this was so important to me but it […]