Dry Ingredient Canister Labels FREE Cut File!

In case you’re new here or need a little memory jog, let’s get you up to speed! (But first hello, welcome, and big hugs!)  Recently I shared the first in my colorful baking studio reveal series, we started with the kitchen of course! You guys basically went nuts over two particular DIY things in the studio and asked for more info. The sprinkle mat and my dry ingredient drawer or course. I’ve already shared the sprinkle mat and the FREE cut file here, and today I’m back to share the cut files for the dry ingredient canister labels before we move on to the next part of the studio.

Dry Ingredient Canister Labels FREE Cut File!

Doesn’t this drawer just make your heart happy? I’m not gonna lie I geeked out over this dry ingredient drawer for far too long. I have always wanted one! It really makes dishing out sugar and flour so simple and is a major counter saver. The bins for the dry ingredient drawer are from Ikea of course and then I used some black vinyl and transfer paper to add the labels I made in the Silhouette Design store. If you have a Silhouette machine, you can make some too! (For my non Silhouette cutters I am SO sorry, but I am working on getting these into .SVG files to share soon.) The file and my supplies are linked below. I can’t wait to see these babies in use in all of your homes.


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