My Colorful Baking Kitchen Reveal

Sweet friends the day is finally here! It’s my colorful baking studio kitchen reveal day! If you’re new to The Sprinkle Factory (HELLO!) or maybe just haven’t heard I’ve been working the past 6 months to setup a new baking studio for The Sprinkle Factory. Over the next few months I’ll be sharing each area of the studio – kitchen area, styling/photography, the mega sprinkle cabinet, and even the workshop/craft area! So if you’re looking for baking supply organization ideas or just a little kitchen inspiration this is the series for you! Let’s face it, baking and decorating dessert takes tons of supplies (uh yea all 4,000 cookie cutters clearly are a need not a want) and it’s not easy to keep all of those things straight and tidy while looking like one good coordinated space right? Today I’m taking that all on, showing you my sweet (pun totally intended) setup.

I feel like I need to add just a little disclaimer here. This is going to be one LONG post. I promised you I would literally open the drawers up and show you whats inside – so that’s exactly what we’re gonna do today. So grab your cutest coffee cup, tie up that messy bun, and let’s get started. Yoga pants optional but highly recommended. Also you might want to fill the coffee cup with actual coffee but hey – you do you. With that said welcome to The Sprinkle Factory studio kitchen! 

Colorful baking kitchen + baking supply organizing ideas.


This project has been my favorite to date. It’s a dream come true and I can’t wait to show you guys around. First I wanted to share just a bit about how the space came to be, the evolution behind it, and a few things to note.

  • We’re a military family. We move a lot, currently we’re in Germany. Knowing it was time for my own space, we were so incredibly fortunate to find a house with a refinished garage making the perfect space for a studio + baking kitchen. Not only did it have the water hook ups our landlord actually gave us the idea of putting in a second kitchen, something common in German
  • Everything in this studio is non-permanent due to the previous reason we will be renting our home(s) until retirement in a few short years. So this kitchen and studio needed to be non-permanent. Yep, you read that right it’s rental friendly (with permission of course). We used a simple Ikea kitchen and the cabinets are hung by their easy bracket system on the wall. If needed we could remove the entire thing, fill in holes, and take the entire kitchen with us. Even the “backsplash” is a peel and stick wall paper!

And one last thing let’s get super real! More then anything I want you to know. I’ve been blogging + baking for 8ish years. Since then my baking space has evolved from a large plastic tub, to a walk in pantry, to an office, to even tubs stacked behind a buffet table that I had to literally move every time I wanted to access it. Every location has provided a bit of a different setup. I have spent years with cookies, cakes, and cupcakes spread across our dining room table. I’ve mastered the art of keeping fondant and food coloring high above the reach of toddlers (only took a few mega incidents with black coloring and a play room). I’ve baked dinner in the midst of baking project bombs moving cake pans just so I can drain the darn spaghetti noodles.  Let’s not even talk about multiple layer houses and climbing stairs with baked goods all day because your shoot space is on another level. Yea – that was fun but anything to make it work.

The reason I bring this up now is because I get so many comments from readers about how they are dreaming of a space like mine or space at all and I wanted to say…You guys I have been there. No matter if you’re baking from a kitchen you can barely turn around in, or building the dream space of your own I’m confident this series will inspire and hopefully get those gears turning with a few ideas to organize your baking supplies. I hope this more then just a pretty space but a source of inspiration for #teamsprinkle.

Colorful baking kitchen + baking supply organizing ideas.


As I said above, the entire studio in in a converted garage. The space is actually pretty roomy but due to the setup the front is half as wide as the back. And the front also happens to be where the water hook ups are. Which meant we were left to the smallest wall in the room to build the studio kitchen. AND since it’s next to an entire floor to ceiling window wall it also had to share a space with the styling area. Eek! When setting out to plan our the kitchen I knew I had to fit a lot of essentials in a small place. The kitchen structure was built from Ikea, using their online planner tool. I can’t recommend their kitchen systems enough. I spent a few weeks with the online planner mapping out exactly how I was going to use the full potential of this small space even mapping it out  what supplies need to go in the drawers and where so I could choose proper drawer sizes. More on the drawers later, hint they are not all what they seem! I will note that I highly recommend getting the Maximera drawers. They are more expensive then the cheaper version but they are so worth it. The drawers slide like a dream. A quick test at Ikea and you’ll be hooked too. The were easily able to put all of the cabinets together and install in two days just the hubs and I, no kitchen installation experience.

Rainbow kitchen.


For the look of the studio I knew I wanted it to match my branding. This kitchen not only is my home 40 hours or more  a wee (often more!) it also had to make a great backdrop for shoots and *cough* videos. I kept all of the main components of the kitchen white so when needed it can be a blank canvas.

The DIY pom pom curtains, towel, stool, and plants bring in color but the real star here is the rainbow shelf! Because this space is directly across from my styling and shoot space I wanted to use different colorful props to bring in TSF rainbow. Even though it looks super pretty it’s actually really useful. It serves as a spill over for styling props and I can grab as needed. It also keeps my styling super consistent. And guess what! For the styling of the studio I actually teamed up with one of my favorite company’s ever Rice Dk! They sent over a ton of my favorite props to make that rainbow gorgeous! Almost all of my colorful melamine spoons + forks, tiny bowls, melamine cake stands, plates, candles, and more are Rice DK. My love for their bright and fun products is expanding to kitchen gear though, they even sent over the cutest spatula and scrubber! Consider this as a sneak peak to the styling area I styled with Rice DK!

Colorful baking kitchen + baking supply organization.

You guys are forever asking for where my props came from. Well the secrets out, it’s most often Rice DK! And with the rainbow of colors they always offer it’s super simple for me to get exactly what I “need”. Yep, 100 rainbow plates is also a need.

Sprinkle floor mat.


I know what you’re thinking. Is that sprinkles, on the floor? Oh yea, I went there! When styling the kitchen I knew I wanted some sort of a rug or mat but it needed to be wipeable. I went through a variety of mats and rugs but none of them had the look I was going for. Originally I painted a yoga mat and while that provided comfiness the look wasn’t quiet right. (Yoga mats make GREAT mats from baking areas!) One coffee filled midnight brainsesh it came to me. Why not a sprinkles print on the floor? A quick trip to Amazon and a few hours + one Silhouette vinyl craft session later I had a floor mat. Would you guys like to know more about how I made it, if so leave a comment below!




Rainbow sprinkle shelf + baking supplies organization.

Speaking of following the sprinkle road. Many of you already know I have a large collection of sprinkles. I mean it is the SPRINKLE Factory after all. This means the sprinkles get their own home along with the cookie cutters – priorities. I’ll be sharing that setup/area soon. But we had to have some sprinkles in the kitchen area to keep those sprinkle vibes flowing.  This sweet little shelf does just the trick. Though it could hold baking powder, salt, meringue and other small supplies and tools if needed. Below it sits two of my fav items! First one of my most recommended splurges ever my Simple Human touch-free sensor soap pump. You guys. I don’t have to tell you about all the hand washing bakers do. And when your hands are covered in cookie dough, buttercream, or food coloring not having to mess with a soap pump its pure magic. It’s basically a staple every baking kitchen should have. One day when the studio is a little more permanent I’ll be adding a touchless faucet as well. Just beside the sink I also keep a Boon Grass for drying tips, bottles, spatulas, stencils, and other small baking supplies. This was actually a baby bottle rack from our 4th child. It was in the donate pile when it occurred to me just how useful it would be in the studio. I also like to keep a few tip and bottle cleaners near the sink as well as my Rice DK scrub brush which has “stay clean” printed on the back – so cute.

Baking supplies organization.

The very left side of the kitchen hides a fridge and a freezer (inside pic below)! Having my own fridge to stash cakes and freeze extra frosting has been a major game changer. Gone are the days I had to arrange everything in the fridge to chill a cake. Cakers can I get an amen? I always keep it stocked with loads of butter, eggs, and often milk. But mid-week you can find this thing filled with all sorts of frostings and baked goods. When choosing the fridge I knew I wouldn’t need a very large fridge (I do not take orders) so I opted for the shorter fridge which gave me even more storage on top!

Baking fridge + baking supply organization.

The left side of the counter is home to my Kitchen Aid mixer and my most frequently used tools.

KitchenAid mixer hack + baking supplies organization.

Installing a little storage bar gives me so much extra space in the kitchen. I can whip up just about any recipe without reaching for tools or cluttering up the counter. They are all right there when I need them. If you’re setting up your baking space be sure to think about how you can use the vertical space in your area instead of cluttering up the counter. I keep my tools to a minimum but if needed I could add even more shelves, bars, or hooks to the walls. Also are you wondering why I keep my mixer on a cutting board? #bakinghack


KitchenAid mixer hack + baking supplies organization.

Speaking of KitchenAid hacks! This is my favorite one ever. To keep my  mixer cord nice and tidy I keep a Command Cord Bundler on the back. So awesome. Just be sure to place it below the joint.

Cookie kitchen baking supply organization.

One more thing about the overall space. I know my baker community out there is going wait a minute, are you trying to tell me you work with THAT small of counter space? Well I did, for a little bit. This was the biggest concern for me when setting up this little studio. The wall space just wouldn’t allow any more counter space. And I wasn’t willing to give up the sink, oven, or fridge. So instead of placing a moveable island in front of the kitchen I found the best ever office table which I move around for either a baking work space or a photo workspace. Why do I love this table so much? Well you’ll just have to wait till I share more about it in the styling area. I have to keep some of the good stuff for later!

Now that we’ve taken a look around the kitchen it’s time we open up the drawers and show you how I made an entire baking kitchen fit into such a small space. I’m going to skip around a little with the drawers but I’ll give you a layout in the end for those of you who are really wanting the full show.

Whew I’m feeling a littler vulnerable right now…but let’s take a look!

First due to the magic of Ikea kitchens there is actually far more drawers then what you see in the kitchen images above. Their kitchen systems allow for inset drawers, which I’ll be referring to as hidden drawers from here on out. So where you might see one drawer front there may actually be two drawers inside! The shallow drawers are perfect for all the baking supplies and the hidden system allows me to have the drawers and ultimately organization without a million drawer fronts. Can you hear the hallelujah angels singing or is it just me?

Baking supplies organization ideas.

Here’s my drawer for my coloring supplies.  This is something I use a lot in the kitchen so it’s on the top in the center. This is my go to drawer for coloring and prepping icing bottles and bags. Which I do a whole lot of. But if you look closely you’ll see a second hidden drawer just above!

Baking supply drawer organization.

This drawer is full of other commonly used tools that don’t need to be out on the counter all the time. The organizers are from Ikea as well which I love because not only are they made to fit the Ikea drawers, there are uber cheap.

Baking supplies organization ideas.

Don’t worry I’m not going to leave you hanging on the gel food color bottle organization. After sharing the above shot on IG you guys went nuts in my inbox wanting to know what it was! I don’t blame you, I spent SO long searching for the perfect gel color organizer and I found THE ONE. This is two of the 48 lipstick holders by ByAlegory. Not only are the spaces wide enough to hold both tips and colors, they have little removable rubber inserts so the bottles don’t fall over when moved. It just might be my favorite Amazon find ever! I have two of them here one holding almost an entire AmeriColor Nifty Fifty Gel Kit, and the other holding extra colors and airbrush colors. As for my tips I’ve really narrowed down the tips I keep these days. I found this little container at a local dollar store and I keep only my most used tips in it, though they would also fit in the color organizer if I didn’t have so many! Because you never know what baking adventure I might go on later I do keep an assortment of less commonly used tips in another small storage space outside of the kitchen. But less is more when it comes to organizing a baking space. The key is to really only keep the items you use a lot in your workspace.

Speaking of lipstick holders. One of my favorite baking supply organizing hacks is to look in the makeup organizers. You’ll find hundred of different sizes and shapes of clear makeup organizers on Amazon. Not only do they fit so many of the small baking supplies they are east to wipe and very affordable.

Organizing fondant supplies.

Next up is a drawer for my fondant supplies and decorating tools. I don’t do near as much fondant work as I use to so this has really dwindled down to must haves this year. The small cutters are organizer in these Ikea makeup bins. I love keeping items like this in clear bins within drawers because I can not only see them easily but I can remove the entire bin from the drawer and dig through them easily when I’m working.

Baking supply drawer organization.

On the bottom of this row is a deep drawer for mixer bowls, lids, attachments, and a few spare tools. You’ll also notice there’s another hidden drawer here which stores additional flat tools like cutting boards and molds that get used sparingly.

Flour drawer inspiration.

Confession. I’ve basically always wanted a dry ingredient drawer. So I’m still geeking out over this months later. Not only Does it save so much drawer space it’s so much more easy to use. The see through bins are of course Ikea and I made the cute little labels with my Silhouette as well. I’ll be back to share those soon. Though you can’t see it in the back there’s also just enough space to house my baking scale.

Baking supplies organization ideas.

Below is is all the paper type supplies baking requires. The top drawer hold baking mats, parchment paper, cling wraps, and piping bags. Just below in a hidden drawer lives my parchment paper sheets for cookies and rounds for cakes. This is the perfect way to keep them nice and flat. The very bottom is cake rounds separated with a metal divider by size.

Baking sheet organization.

Moving on to the far right side is another one of my fav spaces in the kitchen, the pan cabinet! Yep, a glorious cabinet just for baking pans. No more digging around in an overcrowded kitchen cupboard while an  avalanche of metals comes right at my head. HA! A few kitchen pan organizers and a shelf protector was all that was needed to keep this space tidy.  I do have a few square pans hiding in the back. But other then that I keep it to these and make myself get creative. You’ll notice in the bottom corner of the shot is a bun pan rack. This is an absolute must in a small kitchen. It allows me to have all the pan storage I want as I’m baking cookies or cakes, then I can roll it away when not in use.

I haven’t said much about the oven which is kinda a key player in this game. Although I am super grateful to have my own baking oven I certainly won’t call this my dream oven. It was a great fit for the time here but European ovens are SO small and that’s caused many issues and adjustments for me. In the future double standard size built in ovens are #goals. None the less I am thankful and we make it work.

Baking supply drawer organizing.

Below the oven is where I keep my prized stash of lidded mixing bowls as well as some colorful stacking tupperware. Just below that is full of linens – towels and aprons mostly.

Cake kitchen baking supply organization.

Of course I need to store actual baking ingredients! This area really stressed me out when planning the kitchen. After all I could fill a pantry with baking ingredients. But the key here was to create a space that I could store all the necessities. I try super hard to only buy things I use all the time or need to have on hand. So in this drawer I keep extra dry ingredients as well as cake mixes and chocolates. Special flavorings, toppings, + fillings get bought as needed now. Which has made me practice some major self restraint and has been a blessing in disguise. In the past I’ve been super guilty of buying baking ingredients that I planned on using “in the future” but in reality just sat in the pantry.

Baking ingredients drawer organizationoganization

Out of all the weird things I could geek out about in this kitchen this slim sliding drawer is a fav. We had just a little space left when planning the kitchen and I happily added this slide out to fill it. It makes the perfect space for odd items that are frequently used but hard to store. Thought it’s not as pretty,  this is probably one of the most opened drawers of the kitchen.

Baking kitchen inset trash drawer.

Alright guys the very last and least glamourous drawer of them all. The under the sink trash + cleaning drawers. I can honestly say I hope this is the one and only time I share a picture of a trash can on this blog but I did promise to show you all the drawers! Instead of opting for a cabinet under the sink we went with faux drawer fronts and two slide out trash cans with a small cleaning supply drawer. For this kitchen this was all that was needed and it’s super handy. When I’m unwrapping a ton of butter or cracking a million eggs I simply leave the drawer open.

Colorful baking kitchen tour.

I know we were hoping around a bit. To get the hang of how my space is laid out a created this cute little map. Each space/drawer has it’s own sprinkle include my favorite hidden drawers.

Colorful baking tools.

Did you catch this sprinkle utensil dish? I love the little sprinkle flair it adds. But can we talk about that Rice DK “make magic” spatula? It’s my current fav!

Colorful baking tools.

Alright guys I think that’s a wrap on the kitchen tour and quiet possibly the longest post I will ever write. I hope this leaves you super inspired and excited for the next posts in this series. I know I’m dying to show you the sprinkle cabinet! I’ve included a list of sources below.


Rainbow baking kitchen.





Heads up! To keep those legal gurus of the world happy, I need to inform you that some of the links in this post are affiliate links. In short – I may earn a small commission from the use of said link with no cost to you! But don’t worry I only link to stuff I use, love, and know you will too!

Image of Toni Miller in front of a sprinkle shelf.


 I’m Toni, the baker, the blogger,  and cookie cutter maker  behind The Sprinkle Factory and I hope you find a sprinkle of inspiration here at The Factory.

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