Launch Party Giveaway Day 4 [Rice DK]

How is it possible that we are already on Day 4 of the official Sprinkle Factory launch party? This week has gone fast, it’s true what the say, time flies when you are having fun. And giving away so many sweet things + celebrating with you guys is certainly fun!

Before we check out today’s prize let’s recap all the current prizes you can get in on.


TSF Launch Party Giveaway

Day 4

I am beyond excited to talk to you guys about today’s giveaway because Day 4 is sponsored by a brand I am obsessed with yet haven’t really shared with you guys yet. But crazy enough you guys see their products in so many of my dessert shots, and often ask me about them. This brand is of course the one and only Rice DK. When I say one and only I really mean one and only, because there is nobody out their like them. They are known worldwide for their amazing products which range from spoons to furniture in all the best colors + patterns. Though I’m pretty sure I could fill a house with Rice DK and live happily ever after I’m going not particularly talk about their melamine products that I love to style with. I love that they are so light and easy to use, yet come in every color of the rainbow. I’m always on the hunt for more!

A few weeks ago I had just got in their newest melamine cake stands I shared them on my Instagram stories because I just love them so much. So many questions about them, I knew that this would be the perfect giveaway for the party. In case you missed the Instagram story you can check out the new pink cake stand in use on a cake here and with cookies here. I haven’t had the chance to use the small  green one yet, but it is coming! Rice DK generously offered to give one of you guys not only both of the new cake stands in Pink + Green but also 2 sets of their amazing melamine spoons! ( This set + this set.) Let me totally sweet styling geek out here for a second. I am OBSESSED with their spoons. I may or may not have ventured into France multiple times to hunt down more spoons + other Rice DK items. (Don’t tell the hubs he thinks we were “exploring”) I get asked about these spoons on Instagram over and over and over because they are the cutest! If you check out this post, this post, or this post…you can see them in action. We’re not even considering all of their adorable forks I use as well! They are of course adorable for home use, but in this case we’re talking desert styling awesomeness!

Rice DK Cake Stands - The Sprinkle Factory

So if you want to get in on this epic cake stand gift package giveaway head on over to follow Rice DK on Instagram, and then enter with a comment on my post!

I’ll be back tomorrow with another awesome giveaway from a brand you won’t want to miss!

To keep the legal gurus of the internet happy: I received products and/or commission for this post, however, the thoughts, ideas, and content are totally my own – as always!

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