Paint Palette Cookies

Let’s get creative yea, yea, yea. Let’s get creative yea, yea, yea. There are few things that will make me sing in this world. But let me tell you, when somebody asks me to make colorful paint palette cookies you better be belive‘in I will be whistling while I work!

Paint Palette Cookies

Paint palette cookies are a serious classic in the cookie world, but would you believe I’ve never made a set? The occasion just hadn’t come up so when asked to make these for a little guys art party I was alllll yes. Sure they have been done (lots) before but isn’t that what art is all about? Bringing our own creative interpretations to the world? If you haven’t had a chance to make paint palette cookies yet either, nows your chance!

Paint Palette Cookies

Have a cookie decorating projector? Great news! Here’s a projector template to make these paint palette cookies a breeze. Just click, save, project!

Paint Palette Cookies



Note: I made my own paint palette cutter with my Silhouette Alta, however, there are lots of paint palette cutters you can purchase. I found a very similar one from Whisked away cutters here, where I purchased the paint brush from!


  • light brown outline + flood icing OR 20-second icing
  • colored 20-second icing for your paints
  • brown airbrush color
Paint Palette Cookies

Step 1: When cutting out your paint palette cookies, use a small cutter to add a hole for the palette, some cutters may have this hold included. As I said above, I 3D printed my own cutter so I left off the hole so the cutter could become other things later on.

Step 2: Use light brown outline + flood icing (or 20-second icing) to outline and flood the entire cookie. I chose to use two consistencies so I knew I wouldn’t have any issue with the little hole in the cookie. The thick outline icing gave me insurance the icing would stay put!

Step 3: Now the fun part! Once your brown layer has crusted over, grab your airbrush and a wood stencil and give those paint palette cookies a wood look. I used warm brown airbrush color my AmeriColor. If you don’t have an airbrush yet a brown edible marker will work just as well.

Step 4: Next add little “splats of paint”. Because I am obsessed with using my projector + templates, I used the template to help line up and shape my little paint splats.

These paint palette cookies really are super easy, and they come together so fast. You know how I feel about a solid simple design. BIG PUFFY HEART EYES! If you make some paint palette cookies of your own be sure to tag me so I can double up on the puffy heart eyes.


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