French Fry Sugar Cookies

French Fry Sugar Cookies, yep. They’re a thing.

Scene – I’m picking the girls up from the bus stop. The bus stop happens to be in front of a Burger King. Every day one of the girls asks to stop and get fries for snack, every day I say no.

Kiddo #1: Mom can we get fries today?

Me: No, but I made fries today!

Kiddo #2: Like you FRIED fries?

Me: No, I baked them.

Kiddo #3: SO like from a bag?

Me: No, I made them from scratch! (Psh these kids think I can’t cook?!)

Kiddo #2: Wait a minute are these like cookie fries or something?

French fry cookies

For real! I mean did she really go right there? I say I make fries and within 30 seconds my child has already figured out they were cookies. I’m not sure which I should be more upset about that 1. my kiddos don’t believe I can make real fries, 2. I’m entirely too predictable, or 3. my kiddos are passing me in the intelligence area. Man, there goes my April fool’s joke up in smoke. Kids. Really I shouldn’t blame them I am always playing little jokes on them and I think their catching on. I’m gonna have to step it up a notch. Despite my little know-it-alls, I love how these turned out!

Plus I love making foods that looks like other foods. I know it’s totally strange but it’s so much fun. I love the look on people face of pure confusion, amusement, and satisfaction all at the same time. I mean sure I’m gonna be pretty ticked if you offer me fries then I find out they aren’t fries…but if they are cookies…I won’t be mad for long, promise.

french fry sugar cookies with icing ketchup

I’ve actually been planning on making these cookies for several years. I bought these little fry cartons at Target a few years back and just never got around to making them. I came across them the other day and I knew April Fool’s Day would be the perfect time for them! I have actually seen these again each summer at Target, but don’t worry you could even use normal fry bags from your favorite fast food joint.

These were so easy to make, and turned out so well! When the kids got home they circled around the table looking as I finished up taking pictures. They really weren’t sure if they were wrong or right about the cookie fries. The ketchup now that really got them. I had planned on making my own red frosting but as I was wandering the baking aisle I saw a little bag of red Betty Crocker cookie icing. Oh my gosh guys it was so perfect and made everything so much easier after all it wasn’t really essential.

Here’s where I share the bad news. A few weeks ago I bought a new camera – YAY. And I shot these cookies with it today – YAY. But when I went to upload the photos the format wasn’t readable by my computer – BOO. No matter what I tried I could not get them to transfer. Thankfully I’ve done this a few times and had them still set up on the table. BUT that means I lost the step by step process pictures to help you guys along -BOO. I’m SO sorry. I’m going to work on seeing if I can save them and add them soon. So check back if your wanting to make them. But either way they really were easy and you’ll do fine without!

french fry cookies




  • rolling pin + rolling pin guides about 1/4 thick (this can be anything from dowel rods to poster board)
  • a large smooth knife
  • small smooth knife
  • parchment paper


Step 1: Kneed a small amount of yellow food coloring into the cookie dough until you reach the desired french fry yellow. Once there add a TINY bit more. You will loose a little yellow during baking.

Step 2: Cut two pieces of parchment paper to fit on the cookie sheets.

Step 3: On the first piece of parchment paper use the rolling pin and guides to roll out about half the dough in a long oval shape not a perfect circle. (I have a rolling pin with guides). The guides on each side will help you keep the same thickness of dough all the way across. One easy guide is to use two dowel rods, but anything you can find around the house about 1/4 thick will work.

Step 4: Use a long knife and begin gently slicing the dough in 1/4 in strips across the shorter width of the cookie dough oval.

Step 5: Use a tooth pick to help you start, gently pull up every other strip of dough and place it on your second piece of parchment paper. You will now have strips of dough with spaces in between on two different sheets.

Step 6: If you break any don’t worry…fries come in all size! Use your small knife to cut any strips that are too long in half and gently move them apart. (after moving a strip of cookie dough if you want to straighten it back up a bit you can use the side out you knife to do so by tapping the side of the cookie dough) Since french fries are all different I cut them in many different lengths and varied the angles I was cutting the ends at. A few I cut straight across.

Step 7: Once pans are full of cut cookie dough fries place both pans in the fridge to chill while your oven heats up to 400 F. The chilling will help the keep their shape during baking. Once the oven is ready gently sprinkle with your sanding sugar “salt” and bake for about 7 minutes. This is the one and only cookie where I will tell you to go ahead and let those edges get a little crispy! Once the edges start to turn golden (about 7 minutes) pull them out and let cool on the pan for two minutes, then gently slide the parchment paper with the cookies still on it onto the counter to finish cooling.

Now enjoy tricking the kiddos, husband, family…heck even the baby! And enjoy those cookies.

Heads up! To keep those legal gurus of the world happy, I need to inform you that some of the links in this post are affiliate links. In short – I may earn a small commission from the use of said link with no cost to you! But don’t worry I only link to stuff I use, love, and know you will too!

french fry cookies with ketchup icing

Heads up! To keep those legal gurus of the world happy, I need to inform you that some of the link in this post are affiliate links. In short – I may earn a small commission from the use of said link with no cost to you! But don’t worry I only link to stuff I use, love, and know you will too!

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