Christmas Pinwheel Cookies

Hey sweet friends! Remember back in October I posted some really fun Halloween pinwheel cookies? They quickly became one of your favorite posts, and I don’t blame you guys because they are a favorite here as well.  As soon as I made them I really wanted to try some Christmas Pinwheel Cookies in bright Christmas colors…and here they are! I really love making these swirly pinwheel cookies because as far as cookies go, especially Christmas sugar cookies, these pinwheel cookies are really simple. It’s easy to get lost in sugar cookie decorating for hours, but not with these!

Christmas Pinwheel Cookies

In less then two hours I can have these Christmas pinwheel cookies from ingredients to a beautiful tray ready to serve at a holiday party. Traditional red and green would be just as great…but I wanted to mix it up just a bit. This color combo is so popular this year, and I’m really digging it! It’s easy to spend hours decorating sugar cookies, and it takes a lot of practice to get it right. These however, take very little skill and are pretty quick to make! Pretty much like playing with playdough.

To learn how to make these Christmas pinwheel cookies visit this post for the full tutorial. The only change I made was to use 3 colors instead of 4. I did keep my cookie dough balls the same (large grape) size which made the cookies a bit smaller. I actually needed them smaller (2.5in)…however, if you want them a little larger just roll each ball a bit bigger then a large grape to make up for the fourth ball. The list of supplies I used is listed below.





DECORATORS TIP: Oh, and I should probably mention these freeze really well! So go ahead and make some now to pull of of the freezer when needed. It makes Christmas treat making a breeze. I plan on serving these at a couple of different events.


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