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Sloth Cookies – Love You Slow Much!

Sloth Cookie Tutorial

Every year it seems like a new trendy animal/icon pops up across the internet. First it was mermaids and unicorns, then llamas, and now sloths. Yep, sloths. I have to admit I was a little confused about this new trending animal…I mean sloths? But then I googled one. Oh. My. Gosh. They really are just […]

Easy Rose Cookies From a Candy Corn Cutter

Easy Rose Cookies

It’s just one day away from Valentine’s Day and this cheesy pun lover is in heaven! You guys know how much I love a good pun all year long. So seeing all of your Valentine cookie puns is literally giving me life right now. I practically have to tear myself away from Instagram. I love […]

Panda Cookies

Panda Cookies - Tutorial + FREE Projector Template

Over the years as I’ve learned to bake + decorate desserts I’ve learned there is one ultimate worst customer. The kind that wants to tell you every little detail of the design, choose a complex flavor combination, maintain a no-compromise attitude, and yet expect you to create the entire thing…for free! You guys know the […]

Conversation Heart Cookie Box

Conversation Heart Cookie Box

Hey there super sweet friends! And hello February, is everybody as excited about all the Valentine treats out in internetladia right now? So much cuteness! I’m pretty sure I say this every year but…why can’t all holidays be pink? I know I know, they can’t. So let’s celebrate all the lovely pink cuteness while we […]

Conversation Heart Cookies

Conversation Heart Cookie Box

A few days ago the devastating news broke that conversation heart candies will no longer be sold in stores. Hold on one sweet minute America! You can’t just rip a holiday classic right out of the world. Are we going to take away candy canes at Christmas too? Candy corns at Halloween? You better not […]

Pink Buttercream Swirl Cupcakes + Fondant Flowers

pink swirl cupcakes with fondant flowers

A few days ago I kicked off my new, twice monthly, Instagram live tutorial series. To sum it up, every other week I will be getting together with all of you on Instagram and sharing a step by step live demo on whatever creation I’ve picked for that week. Sometimes it might be cookies, sometimes […]

Striped Heart Cookies + Easy Fondant Flowers

Pink platter of grey and white striped fondant cookies with flowers on top.

Hello and welcome! I’m so freaking excited to be able to officially say I am doing LIVE tutorials on Instagram every other Thursday! I can’t even you guys…just can’t even. The blogging + social media space has changed so much since I’ve been hanging out with you guys here. It’s mind-blowing to think I can […]

Making A-Peel-able Banana Sugar Cookies (With Puns!)

five banana cookies with yellow banana candies on pink backdrop

I am super crazy pumped…no I’m BANANAS about bringing you guys this fresh (and hopefully ripe) content today! Of course, I’m talking about these totally a-peel-ing Banana Sugar Cookies. And guess what, they are hand cut! Why am I so pumped? Well, lets start with the obvious…with this combo of royal icing + fondant + […]

How To Make Popcorn Sugar Cookies

sugar cookies decorated like pieces of popcorn with a popcorn box

Sometimes I have a brilliant reason to create something sweet. Other times I’m just rolling with whatever random things that POP in my head. These popcorn sugar cookies for instance. I could have made these for an awesome carnival party, movie night, game day bash, sleep over…or literally an endless amount of events at which […]

How To Make Like Bubble Cookies

like bubble cookies on platter

Gosh guys. Somehow I let an entire month pass by without a single blog post! It’s not that I haven’t been baking – I’ve been doing tons of that. I just haven’t had the time to sit down and actually write out a blog post. Not only did all things back to school mix things […]

Funfetti Strawberry Cookies

Easy Funfetti Strawberry Cookies

Have you ever dreamed about new funfetti cookie flavors? Maybe funfetti strawberry cookies? If so you’re in the right spot today because I have the perfect mega yummy cookie recipe for you. (If the answer was no you don’t dream about strawberry cookies then we need to have a talk about your dreams, and the lack […]

Valentine’s Emoji Cookies

Valentine's emoji cookies

I hope you don’t mind if I get a little emoji-nal on you today. Ok not really, I just wanted to use that cheesy pun. But I am pretty excited to share these emoji cookies with you? Why? Because I tried something new to me, fondant covered cookies! I’m a little guilty of getting too […]