Baby Turkey Cookies – Our Little Turkey Baby Shower

A few weeks ago I was asked to make a set of cookies for a baby shower. As I’ve shared before, I don’t take orders and sometimes I wish I did because some of the party-specific themes I see floating around the cookie world are just so cute! If I can turn the cookies into a design to share here, I’m often more then glad to gift a set of cookies. Turns out this shower had the cutest theme ever, Our Little Turkey! It was an office Thanksgiving/baby shower combo. Seriously, shut up! I immediately saw little turkeys bundles in little swaddles. After a quick check with Pinterest and Google for inspiration, this Turkey baby shower theme was nowhere to be found. What! HOW! We needed to make this a thing, asap. And so here you have baby turkey cookies all swaddled up in their nest of sugar cookie feathers. Gush.

Our little turkey, turkey baby cookies for a baby turkey shower!

I also made little onesies that said “OUR LIL TURKEY” and turkeys in diapers. Sadly I ran out of time to photograph those. You’ll have to believe me, they were just too cute. 

For the swaddled baby turkey cookie I started with the eye cutter from Sweet Sugarbelle’s Halloween set. You can find swaddled baby cutters in lots of cookie cutter shops though. I knew I wanted swaddles with either little feathers on it or turkey footprints. Turkey footprints seemed too cute so it had to happen. I loved the concept so much I designed my own turkey footprint then converted it to a stencil so I could share here! Because really turkey baby cookies need to be a thing you guys!

Our little turkey, turkey baby cookies for a turkey baby shower!

The full tutorial will be below, but first here’s the stencil .SVG file and a free projector/printable turkey baby template to make things supa‘ easy for you!

Download FREE Turkey Print Stencil HERE

FREE baby turkey cookie template





  • white  outline icing + white flood icing
  • brown outline icing + brown flood icing
  • pink flood icing
  • orange 20-second icing
  • yellow 20 second icing
  • 2 additional colors of icing for feathers
  • yellow airbrush color
  • black sugar pearls
  • sprinkles


  • orange – AmeriColor Terra Cotta + AmeriColor Egg Yellow
  • mint green – AmeriColor Turquoise + AmeriColor Electric Green
  • yellow – AmeriColor Egg Yellow
  • light blue – AmeriColor Royal Blue
  • royal Blue – AmeriColor Royal Blue blue –
  • light brown -extra yellow + orange icing from above + AmeriColor Warm Brown
  • brown – Wilton Brown
  • pink – AmeriColor Deep Pink + AmeriColor Ivory
Our little turkey, turkey baby cookies for a baby turkey shower!

Step 1: Use the bottom of the cookie cutter + an edible marker to create a line to seperate the head from the swaddle. (optional)

Step 2: Using the brown icing, outline and flood the baby turkey face. Immediately pipe two dots of pink flood icing for the cheeks and place black sugar pearls on for the eyes.  Place cookies in front of a fan to dry immediately until the white has crusted over. Without this step, you may risk the black pearl bleeding into the icing. You can always wait and pipe eyes on later of course!

Step 3: Add a little couple little feathers with your choice of icing colors and a little yellow icing beak. Last outline and flood the white for the swaddle.

Step 4: Once everything has dried completely it’s time to add your airbrushed turkey print. I used my Sweet Sugarbelle stencil snap so I could leave the top open. You could also ice the blanket very first, let dry and airbrush the print on with a regular stencil holder. I found this quicker for me because I could decorate the entire cookie the first day, leaving just the airbrushing and swaddle lines for the second day.

Our little turkey, turkey baby cookies for a turkey baby shower!

Step 5: Add little feather details, headband lines, his snood, and swaddle blanket lines. Now your baby turkey is all done! 

I’m seriously so in love with these little guys all snuggled up in their nest. Don’t forget to tag me in your turkey creations so I can see! 


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