How To Make Snow Cone Cupcakes

In case you’ve totally missed all the fun this far, Cupcakery (my book) is officially here! This last week has been a whirlwind of emotions as I was able to watch you guys share your excitement over social media when receiving your books. From the bottom of my heart, I can not thank you enough. While I have many many many more sobbing thank you’s I’m going to save those for another post later next week. But for now, thank you, and I truly hope you guys are enjoying your books! If you haven’t ordered your book, you can do so now here.

Snow cone cupcakes win a bucket.

However, no launch should go without a celebration and we’re going to do it up big! Starting next week we’re going to be touring the blog world with Cupcakery, stopping at all your favorite sweet stops. Your fav bloggers will be dishing their thoughts on the book and hosting a little giveaway that you can get in on! I can hardly wait!! As for me, I’m going to be popping in to share some special posts from inside the book. Today, I am going to start off by giving you guys a full tutorial on how to make and shape those crazy cute Blue Rasberry Snow Cone Cupcakes found on page 78 of Cupcakery. Annndddddddd I am SO excited to show you the snow cone stand Cake Pop Stand Co. whipped up just for me and these sweet summer treats!

Ready to make some adorably cute cupcakes to kick off summer break? Let’s get started!



  • Scissors
  • Ice Cream Scoop

How To Make Snow Cone Cupcakes

Empty snow cone.  Empty snow cone wrapper.
Step 1: Cut a slit from top to bottom of the snow cone paper along the seam in the back of the snow cone paper.

Step 2: Make the snow cone paper smaller by overlapping the snow cone paper around itself a bit, keeping the top even. Once you’ve adjusted the top hole to about the size of a cupcake place the cupcake in and adjust a little more, then apply a 2 in piece of tape to the seam. Once you’re done pop the cupcake back out, it should easily be able to go in and out.

Sizing a snow cone wrapper to a cupcake.  Fitting a snow cone wrapper around a cupcake.
Step 3: Using a large ice cream or cookie dough scoop, scoop the blue raspberry buttercream on top of your cupcake. The scoops with the lever help SO much when it comes to buttercream. Place frosted cupcakes in the freezer to firm for about 5 minutes.

Step 4: After chilling your frosting should not be hard but just firm enough to be molded. If your cupcake frosting sticks in the next few steps place it in the freezer to chill longer. If it is too hard, leave it out for a few minutes to soften. Once your frosting is ready use a clean paper towel to shape it up a bit. Don’t worry about getting it perfect just yet.

Scooping buttercream to make snow cone cupcakes.  Smoothing frosting to make a snow cone cupcake.
Step 5: Immediately after shaping, dip your cupcake frosting into a bowl of blue sanding sugar. You may need to roll it around a bit to get it completely covered, be gentle!

Step 6: Use another clean paper towel to do any touch up shaping of your snow cone.

Covering a cupcake in sprinkles to make a snow cone cupcake.  How To Make Snow Cone Cupcakes
Step 7: Gently slip your cupcakes back into the snow cone wrapper (wrapper can be adjusted be removing and replacing the tape) then place in a stand and serve!

BAKER’S TIP: Because these cupcakes need to be chilled to make decorating easy, I frost all of my cupcakes at once but then only chill and decorate 4-6 cupcakes at a time. If I let my second batch chill while I work on my first batch and so on, the process goes super smooth and fast.

And now I really, really want a snow cone…and a cupcake.

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