Pink Candy Corn Sugar Cookies

Why is candy corn such a love it or hate it kinda thing? If you’re around the internet for more then 2 seconds at Halloween time you will see people take sides either for or against the war on candy corn. I totally don’t get it. So I guess that makes me on side yay candy corn, I mean have you ever tried them with peanuts? SO freaking good. Maybe that’s what all those nay sayers need. A little peanuts. Even if you don’t love the taste of them you have to love the look of them, they are a staple when it comes to Halloween decor. Bonus, you don’t have to like them at all to love these Pink Candy Corn Cookies, since they include zero actual candy corn.

pink candy corn cookies on pink backdrop

No candy corn, just cookies, and PINKKKKK. I don’t think I have to tell you twice but I am a PINK kinda girl. Way before it was the trendy thing to be too, my love for pink runs deep and long. As I so often do I thought I would combined two of the things I love to create a new treat this year, Pink Candy Corns. Pink for Halloween? Yep it’s a thing guys. Did you see my Pink Swirl Halloween Cookies? Oh yea, I went there.

step by step pink candy corn cookies on pink backdrop





Pink Candy Corn Cookie Tutorial


Step 1: Make your cookies and prepare icing. I dyed my cookies a matching pink for extra cuteness. They were SO cute!


Step 2: Use the edible marker and stencil to separate you candy corn sections on the cookie. you can skip this step but it sure helps!

Step 3: Outline and flood the top and the bottom of sections, add sprinkles when wet. Once they have crusted over just a bit you can outline and fill in the middle section.

Step 3: Once the entire cookie has crusted over you can decorate with outline icing adding sectioning lines. I added sprinkles to some of the lines as well.

close up of pink candy corn cookies on pink backdrop

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