Launch Party Giveaway Day 5 [AmeriColor]

It’s hard to believe, but today is Day 5 of our week long Launch Party here at The Sprinkle Factory! Before we jump in todays epic prize (eeekk!) I want to take a moment say thank you so much to all of our sweet friends that have made this week amazing. Thank you doesn’t hardly cover it, but since I can’t leap through the screen and give you all fist bumps and giant hugs it’s gonna have to do. Moving on from Make Bake Celebrate, was not an easy choice. From the moment I shared my new name + logo you guys have been over the top supportive. The entire week has been the most incredible week filled with the sweetest, comments, notes, messages. How blessed am I to have so many amazing sweet friends joining me as I frost my way through life! Just not enough words or emojis to express the feels you guys have sent my way!

Before I get too sappy let’s take a recap of what we have going on.


TSF Launch Party Giveaway

Nifty Fifty Kit - AmeriColor Soft Gel Paste

Day 5

I have to start off by saying today’s giveaway is a full circle pinch me moment. When I began decorating cookies, cakes, and cupcakes I didn’t even know there were specific food coloring for decorating. I’m sure many of you can relate. I remember my first trip to a cake store about an hour away, while I was frolicking through the store like Beyonce on the stage of her greatest hits concert (yea I was having a moment) I spotted a shelf of these sweet little AmeriColor gel paste colors. I was in love from the moment I saw them, before even using them I was hooked. You guys know color makes my heart sing! And to have all of these amazing colors at my finger tips that worked like a dream. I remember buying a few colors at a time as I grew as a decorator. It wasn’t until years later and Amazon Prime stepped into my life (insert hallelujah chorus) that I found out about the Nifty Fifty Kit – 50 Soft Gel Pastes in one kit! If only I had know about this kit sooner, game changer. As a matter of fact it’s one of the first things I recommend to to baker’s who tell me they are just starting out. Especially if you’re planning on starting a home bakery! I highly reccomend getting a Nifty Soft Gel Paste Kit, then refilling colors as needed. Best investment for a fresh and colorful start! I just found out this week that AmeriColor just released a Nifty Fifty AmeriMist Food Color Kit – for your airbrush! Consider me all heart eyes over here.

I really could ramble on all day about my love of color and AmeriColor. After all I use them in basically everything I create! I’m bursting at the seams to share that the amazing people of AmeriColor  are joining in on Launch Party fun by giving one of you your own soft gel paste, Nifty Fifty Kit! I can’t handle the happiness this brings me guys. There is no better feeling then giving something away to one of you that I 1. love so darn much and 2. know how much this could help one of you! Of course all you have to do to get entered is hop on over to AmeriColor’s Instagram feed and make sure you’re following them then head on over to my feed and comment on the Day 5 AmeriColor post. Good luck!

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This has been such a sweet week guys. I can’t wait to start sharing winners, today!

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