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Introducing, The Sprinkle Factory Library!!!

I have been dreaming of writing this post to you guys for almost a full year. And as many times as I’ve started this conversation in my head here I am, nervous, excited, and I have know idea what to say. How do you sum up the most exciting thing you’ve ever had the honor of creating (sry kids) in one blog post? I have no idea, but, let’s give it a try.

The Sprinkle Factory Digital Library

As many of you know from the good ol’ gram most of 2019 I was working on a big “secret” project, alongside relocating to the United States. That project started from small idea of mine fueled by a major need from the cookie community and bloomed into an incredible journey, one that I’ll soon be telling you all about but today we’re going to jump RIGHT down into the good stuff, the now.

So what could worth a year of research, testing, building, and enough hours in the cookie studio to make me and the hubs question my sanity more times than motherhood all together?

Sweet friends, I’m beyond excited (straight leaping from my chair) to introduce to you The Sprinkle Factory Library! (QUE SPRINKLES!!) A brand new concept to the cookie community….A digital file subscription for Cookier’s! This soon-to-be members only area of The Sprinkle Factory, The Library, houses hundreds of 3D cookie cutter files, cookie stencil cut files, and even cute + helpful cookie printables. Opening January 16th to a select number of founding members,

The Sprinkle Factory Digital Library

Members of the library will be able to simply sign in and download any and every file their little cookie loving heart desires, yes really. It’s like Amazon Prime and Netflix came together and had a cookie themed baby. Want an adorable bunny cutter? Print it! A new set of stencils? Download it! The Library is the ultimate collection of DIY cookier files ON DEMAND! If you have a 3D printer, a cutting machine, or have been wanting to invest in one or both, The Library is the subscription for you!

The Sprinkle Factory Digital Library

The library will officially go live January 16th at 12pm EST. The moment members sign into the library they will have access to hundreds of files. But the party doesn’t stop there! We will be adding BRAND NEW CONTENT TO THE LIBRARY WEEKLY! Yes weekly. Meaning your cookie supply addiction never has to end. Oh speaking of that stash, this is where I get to tell you the amazing news. The cost of the monthly subscription is as low as just a few cutters, YES REALLY! Members can chose a Year Subscription for just $12.50/month ($150.00 one time payment), a 6 Month Subscription for $15/month (a one time $90.00 payment) or for those that just want to get their toes wet and try it out you can grab a month month library pass for $20! Cereal-sly. I wanted to make this Library not only affordable but INSANELY valuable, and I think we’ve done just that!

The Sprinkle Factory Digital Library
The Sprinkle Factory Digital Library

But wait there’s MORE. While we were building this incredible digital treasure trove I knew that I wanted to do more than just supply files to members. I wanted to build a community around our cookiers who are wanting to create their own cookie supplies on demand, with ease. I also wanted to make sure we were there to help teach all about my favorite DIY cookie lifestyle. That we would be able to offer helpful tricks and tips to printing cutters, cutting stencils, using our files, and beyond! In order to do so Library Members will gain access to our private Facebook group where we will be actively sharing information, answering questions, and even taking requests for what content you’d like to see!

Are you guys as incredibly stoked as I am! There just are not enough words to express how excited I am. Finally getting to share this Library is a dream come true. And for those of you that may wonder, yes, I’ll still be blogging cookie ideas and tutorials right here on the blog! If nothing else MORE SO! Instead of just sharing my creations I’ll be able to also share the files with members in The Library! We have LOTS more to share over the coming months, I’ll be giving you a deeper look into the library and how to use it here, in our group, and on Instagram. So set your timers for January 16th 12PM EST and meet us right here to be the first to get signed up!

The Sprinkle Factory Digital Library

Have questions about the library? GREAT! Please feel free to leave me comments here, on Instagram, or email so we can begin gathering and answering questions. CHEERS!

Image of Toni Miller in front of a sprinkle shelf.


 I’m Toni, the baker, the blogger,  and cookie cutter maker  behind The Sprinkle Factory and I hope you find a sprinkle of inspiration here at The Factory.

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