Teacher Appreciation Cookies – Eraser Sugar Cookies!

If there’s anybody in the world that deserves a set of cookies, to say Thank You, it’s those teachers. I’ve said it before but just as a reminder, guys, these miraculous ladies and gents take care of (put up with) our children all day long. All fall, all winter, all spring. Heck even a bit of summer. And we’re not just talking your child(ren) were talking an entire class full of them. Shudder. Sure I love my kids but I can barely handle my four for the weekend and week nights, so how these magicians do it every day all day is beyond me.  Not only do they keep them healthy and happy a task all on it’s own – they have to actually educate them. Whew that’s a whole lot on their plate, we better add cookies! I try to send cookies to the teachers all year long as I have extras. Of course every year around this time I like to come up with a few new ideas for teacher appreciation cookies. Today we’re talking eraser cookies, but make no mistake these cookies are beyond easy.

Teacher appreciation cookies - eraser cookies.

These guys are truly so simple, you know that’s what I love best. They totally stand alone or would make a great addition to a teacher appreciation cookie set. For the eraser I used a pink sugar cookie dough and the perfect shade of eraser pink icing. For the writing I made my own stencil using my Silhouette Portrait and their stencil material. I’m certainly not a professional stencil maker but I really enjoy making my own stencils. This gives me the flexibility to create whatever I want when I want. If you would like to use this same stencil you can download the template here. I know a lot of you use a projector, you can also use the template to project the words right on the cookie and pipe over.

You might notice that I cut my stencils down as small as possible to fit over the cookie. I do this to save stencil material, using my stencil snap holder I can easily accommodate for smaller stencils. If you have a larger stencil holder you can easily adjust the template in the Silhouette design studio to fit your needs. No stencil holder? Use stacked small round magnets above and below the stencil to  hold it snug to the cookie.

Teacher appreciation cookies - eraser cookies.






Teacher Appreciation Cookies - Eraser Cookies

Step 1: Make sugar cookie dough + color pink. Cut out rectangles and bake for 7-9 minutes.

Step 2: Make + color royal icing.

Let cookies + icing sit over night before decorating if possible. Make sure your icing is stored air tight.

Step 3: Outline and flood cookies with pink 20 second icing. Let dry overnight.

Step 4. Use template to airbrush text design on cookie.

Now you’re all set to send these easer cookies off to the very best teachers you know, on teacher appreciation day or really any other day of the year because they really do deserve it every, single, day.

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