Plant Cookies – Tutorial + Cutter!

Plant Cookie Template + Tutorial

Here’s the thing guys, I’m just a little bit excited about today’s post. Despite the fact that I have zero green thumbs (outside of food coloring induced) I love plants and I really love plant cookies. Today I’m going to share with you guys a tutorial on how I made these potted plant cookies AND […]

Skin Tone Royal Icing Colors For Cookies – Diversity Day

Skin Tone Icing Color Chart

Today I’m sharing the most simple cookies I’ve ever shared. As a matter of fact they’re totally naked. Yet they called for mixing over 20 colors of icing and they’re probably one of my most favorite cookies I’ve ever shared, possibly one of the most important. Have I confused you yet? Today, I’m sharing all […]

Pinata Cookies Tutorial + Pinata Cutter Download

pinata cookies with churro sugar cookies

I’m not even going to try to play it cool today, there’s a total fiesta going on in my head right now. I’m THAT excited about today’s post. Not only are we going to take a look at how to make one of my most favorite cookies ever, pinata cookies, I’ve got a free pinata […]

Sprinkle Hair Girl Cookies

Sprinkle Hair Girls Cookie Tutorials

Have you ever thought man, I could really use some sprinkle hair? No? Just me? Well don’t worry because we are gonna change that today. Because these adorable sprinkle hair girl cookies with their little heart sunnies are irresistible. You’re gonna want some sprinkle hair too, and before you know it, all the cool kids […]

Cotton Candy Cupcakes With Cotton Candy Frosting

cotton candy cupcakes in white tray with cotton candy frosting

I told you guys awhile back that I had some major blog catching up to do right? Well, guess what!!! I still haven’t done it, whomp whomp whomp. No worries though it’s happening right now! So let me go ahead and apologize for the crazy amount of catching up I’m about to do. For those […]

Happy Pill Cookies

happy pill cookies on yellow backdrop

Today I’ve got something totally happy to share with you, Happy Pill Cookies! But first about about a little a-dough-able humor. What did the cookie dough say to the cutter? Cut it out, you don’t impress me much! (Bonus points if you know what 90’s song that makes me sing!) Admit it. It had you rolling…right? […]

Build Your Own Burger Cookies

build your own hamburger cookies

It’s burger season! Can I get a whoop whoop? Whoop whoop! Hello daddy’s cooking dinner again – and enjoying it! Ohhhhhhh you thought I was excited about the burgers, and the food. Oh, yea, yea right. I mean the foods great and all, heck the hubs can grill a mean burger. But the real excitement for […]

Easy Striped Fondant Cookies With Flowers

striped fondant cookies on purple

Today’s topic? Motherhood + striped fondant cookies! Every once in awhile, there comes a time where I have to throw in a mushy serious post. I mean it can’t always be those awesome puns and sprinkles you just love from me can it? Sometimes we have to get right down into life, as I see […]

French Fry Sugar Cookies

french fry cookies

French Fry Sugar Cookies, yep. They’re a thing. Scene – I’m picking the girls up from the bus stop. The bus stop happens to be in front of a Burger King. Every day one of the girls asks to stop and get fries for snack, every day I say no. Kiddo #1: Mom can we […]

Spring Swirl Cookies

spring swirl cookies on green

It’s SPRING! SPRING. Can we just say it together? Ahhhhhhhhh. For some of you that may be ah-chou! But even if you are battling those pesky allergies I bet you’re still enjoying the fresh air, warm sun, and chirp of the birds once again. Isn’t it funny how we get excited about each new season, but […]

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