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Whimsical Spring Cookie Flower Bouquet

Spring flower cookie bouquet.

A few weeks ago I shared my very first 3D cookie flower bouquet on my Instagram feed asking #teamsprinkle if they would like to see more cookie flowers bouquets this year. The answer was a pretty clear yes. As a matter of fact I’ve been getting dozens of messages asking for the links on how […]

Pink Buttercream Swirl Cupcakes + Fondant Flowers

pink swirl cupcakes with fondant flowers

A few days ago I kicked off my new, twice monthly, Instagram live tutorial series. To sum it up, every other week I will be getting together with all of you on Instagram and sharing a step by step live demo on whatever creation I’ve picked for that week. Sometimes it might be cookies, sometimes […]

Striped Heart Cookies + Easy Fondant Flowers

Pink platter of grey and white striped fondant cookies with flowers on top.

Hello and welcome! I’m so freaking excited to be able to officially say I am doing LIVE tutorials on Instagram every other Thursday! I can’t even you guys…just can’t even. The blogging + social media space has changed so much since I’ve been hanging out with you guys here. It’s mind-blowing to think I can […]

Panda Cupcakes for Mother’s Day – Hey Mama Bear!

Panda cupcakes for mother's day.

In case you missed it, yesterday I posted some Fondant Flower Mother’s Day Cookies, and now today I’m back to share these mama bear panda cupcakes! My mom has always love pandas. Growing up she had a whole collection of them, recently my daughter has started her own panda collection. So we’ve been enjoying lots […]

Easy Striped Fondant Cookies With Flowers

striped fondant cookies on purple

Today’s topic? Motherhood + striped fondant cookies! Every once in awhile, there comes a time where I have to throw in a mushy serious post. I mean it can’t always be those awesome puns and sprinkles you just love from me can it? Sometimes we have to get right down into life, as I see […]

Simple Ombre Tulip Cookie Fields

Tulip cookies with leaves on green backdrop.

Sometimes a story is told better backwards, so let’s try that today and work our way from the end. I had just completed these tulip cookies and I wanted to gift some to our German neighbors. We haven’t really gotten to know them yet, as they only know a little English and our German is well […]

Velvet Spring Cake With Butterfly Cookies Toppers

spring cake with butterfly cookies

Recently we celebrated two little spring birthdays in the Maison De Miller (that’s fancy for our house). Which meant we needed a spring cake! M & B, my little twinies turned five. Yes, five. As in we’re going off to kindergarten and totally shedding the last bit of baby we have, even if you desperately […]

Daisy Cake With Popping Up Cookies

daisy cake with cookie toppers on blue

Last week I shared with you guys a fun new Daisy Cookie Bouquet, I had a blast making them. After all edible flowers are the best kind of flowers! But while I was photographing them I thought, man why didn’t I stick these in a cake…or even made dirt pudding in the pot? I just […]

How To Make Cookie Bouquets With 3D Daisy Cookies

How to make 3D cookie bouquets.

It’s true, April showers bring May flowers! Unless you live in the desert and you haven’t seen rain but once in six months, then you bake some sugar cookie flowers! Plus as I’ve said 100 times…the only green thumb I have comes from food coloring.  So even if we weren’t currently living in the desert, […]