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Stain Glass Cookie Platter In Collaboration With The Partiologist!

Stain Glass Cookie Platter Set

Ever have so much to say about one thing…you don’t even know where to start? That’s totally me with this Stain Glass Cookie Platter, so many things to say! First. I am SO gosh darn excited to finally be able to get back to cookie-ing all the things. Now that our year long project (The […]

Chick Cookies From A Candy Corn Cutter!

Chick Cookies From A Candy Corn Cutter

I think it’s time I just own up to something right here, right now. I have a problem, a candy corn cookie cutter problem. There I said it. What started over a year ago with a few sparks of imagination and a candy corn cutter has grown into a full-on obsession. I think it started […]

Spring Rainbow Swirl Cupcakes

Rainbow swirl cupcakes with edible grass.

  Sometimes blog posts are painful and complicated no matter the amount of sprinkles I use. Even when the project I’m working on is totally easy like these Rainbow Swirl Spring Cupcakes, which I made solely because 1. I have leftover rainbow frosting rolls from the Swirly Rainbow Cake and 2. I have a “habit” […]

Velvet Spring Cake With Butterfly Cookies Toppers

spring cake with butterfly cookies

Recently we celebrated two little spring birthdays in the Maison De Miller (that’s fancy for our house). Which meant we needed a spring cake! M & B, my little twinies turned five. Yes, five. As in we’re going off to kindergarten and totally shedding the last bit of baby we have, even if you desperately […]

Butterfly Cookies

Butterfly Cookies - beautiful spring cookies with a simple butterfly cookie cutter.

Our twins celebrated their 5th birthday a few days ago…please can we not talk about how they are ALREADY five. Since we’re not celebrating with a party for another month yet, I had free roam when picking birthday treats for school. Well, as free roam as it gets when you have two opinionated 5-year-olds breathing […]

How To Make Cookie Bouquets With 3D Daisy Cookies

How to make 3D cookie bouquets.

It’s true, April showers bring May flowers! Unless you live in the desert and you haven’t seen rain but once in six months, then you bake some sugar cookie flowers! Plus as I’ve said 100 times…the only green thumb I have comes from food coloring.  So even if we weren’t currently living in the desert, […]

Easy Lemon Filled Cupcakes, The Perfect Spring Cupcakes!

Lemon Filled Cupcakes - Easy Spring Cupcakes!

You know what I love about blogging? Well besides like everything of course. I love that it constantly pushes me to stretch my abilities, creativity, flavor palate…you get the point. Can you believe that I use to think I didn’t like lemon treats? I know, I know, who doesn’t like lemon? It’s like saying you […]