Easy Leaf Cookies

Easy Leaf Cookies

POOF! And just like that we go from spooky skeletons and dancing zombies to falling leaves and chubby turkeys. While I love all things Halloween, I can’t say that I mind one bit this year. This is our third, and last, fall here in Europe and it is currently stunning outside. Everywhere we look we […]

Pumpkin Sugar Cookies + FREE Pumpkin Template

Decorated Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

You guys know I love to get creative with my sprinkle covered creations. But there are a few rules I try to follow. For example, pumpkin sugar cookies must happen every fall. Yes, every single fall. Or as I like to call it pumpkin spice season. I do kinda wonder what would happen if I […]

3D Cookie Bouquet For Fall

Fall Cookie Bouquet Tutorial

I am so giddy to be posting my first fall treat of the year! Wait did I just say giddy? Is it still socially acceptable to say giddy? Even if it’s still scorching hot here in the desert I can’t help but catch on to the excitement of the changing season. Soon pumpkins will start […]