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How To Add Sprinkles On The Sides Of Cakes

Birthday cake with sprinkles and ribbon on the side.

Did you know I started baking with cakes? Like so many of you, I got my start baking party cakes from home. A hobby that would later turn into a little business, and then blog. During that time period cake shows were all the rage and it seemed that the crazier the cake the better. […]

Buttercream Pom Pom Cake

Buttercream Pom Pom Cake

90’s kids rejoice! I have the cake for you, a Buttercream Pom Pom Cake! This cake is basically what it would look like if Lisa Frank, Grunge, and a Koosh Ball were all baked into a cake. (Please tell me you remember what a Koosh Ball is?) Fast forward to 2018 and although they aren’t […]

Cotton Candy Cake With Cotton Candy Swiss Meringue Buttercream

purple cotton candy cake with sprinkles and cake topper

You guys. You guys. I am SO in love, but not in a mushy husband and wifey way. EW.  This is not the blog for that! There’s only one kind of love we’re talking about here, more of a you-just-want-to-stick-your-entire-head-in-a-bowl-of-frosting-kind-of-love obviously. I’ve been giving you little hints here and there butttttt I have recently fallen […]

Cookies & Cream Birthday Cake

mint blue cookies and cream cake on white stand with candles

A few weeks ago my not so little cupcake turned 10. Would you believe when I started this blog she was a toddler? A TODDLER! We had a little-belated celebration this week due to the location being booked solid in December. (Which totally bought me a few extra weeks during the holidays, winning.) Naturally, the celebration […]

Giant Circus Animal Cookies

giant circus animal cookies and hands holding one

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No its Giant Circus Animal Cookies! Wearing party hats?! As a matter of fact it’s a whole Animal Circus Cookie parade! You guys. YOU GUYS! Are these not the cutest not so little hat wearing sprinkle covered cookies ever? I almost feel guilty about wanting to bite those little […]

Gelatin Bubble Garland Cake

Have you guys ever had this epic idea BUBBLING up inside that you just couldn’t barely wait to make happen. It doesn’t have to be cake. It can literally be anything. You got it? That one thing that was the BUBBLES to your ocean? This was totally that cake for me. I had this epic […]

Banana Split Cake

banana split cake on pink backdrop

There’s one baking lesson that I know so well, yet just can’t seem to learn. Don’t ask the hubs to chose a baking flavor. Just don’t. Even when I’m seriously at a fork…just…don’t…do…it. No matter what the circumstances I will always end up even more confused, and potentially frustrated at the end of the conversation. […]

Mocha Cake

mocha cake with yay coffee cake toppers

Today I have good news, a little secret, and a cake to share! The good news is (other then I made a Mocha Cake)…I recently found out after moving to Europe that I do not have an addiction to coffee. That’s right! I actually have an addiction to cream and sugar. Ha! Seriously though, ordering […]

My Go To Vanilla Butter Cake

vanilla butter cake with sprinkles and tall candles

Today I’m sharing an old recipe I that I’ve been using for years, so glad to finally get it on the blog – my go to vanilla butter cake. Have I ever told you I have a cake phobia – it’s true, I do. Which may seem slightly insane considering my official job title is “sprinkle […]